Idealware’s New WordPress Plugins Report

Idealware has established itself as one of the go-to sources for recommendations on nonprofit technology. That’s why I was excited to hear when they began researching for their guide to WordPress plugins for nonprofits. As a member of the NTEN community, I submitted my own thoughts and recommendations for plugins to the researchers along with other consultants … Continue reading Idealware’s New WordPress Plugins Report

$20 Full-day WordPress Professional Development!

When you work for a nonprofit money is often tight, and professional development can seem like an easy line to cut. The immediate benefits of new training and skill-building aren’t always apparent, but professional development can help increase the effectiveness of your organization in the long term. That’s certainly true of technology training, and lucky for us, the WordPress community provides amazing … Continue reading $20 Full-day WordPress Professional Development! Now More Secure & Faster

All future visits to will now be encrypted with an SSL certificate and visited at httpS:// That little green icon means a few different things: The traffic between your browser and this website is now encrypted, so all site visitors have more privacy. The site is now served using HTTP/2 which requires HTTPS and is … Continue reading Now More Secure & Faster

What people are saying about Nonprofit WP

It’s been a great first couple weeks for this site as it’s garnered some positive feedback from both nonprofit techies and WordPressers alike. Hopefully that’s a sign of great nonprofit WordPress websites to come! As always, I truly appreciate the positive words and am always looking for feedback with ideas of how to improve the … Continue reading What people are saying about Nonprofit WP