Recommended WordPress Themes for Nonprofits

Before you just start looking for a theme, make sure you’ve read all the tips for how to evaluate a theme. Beginning a website project by looking for a theme is a sure-fire way to focus too much on design and not enough on your organization’s needs.

Just in case you need proof that I really believe in these themes, those marked with an * are ones I use on this site! Due to the nature of themes (one per site), I’ve recommended more themes here that I haven’t used than compared to the recommended plugins.

Free Themes

Some of these themes have paid upgrade versions with additional features.

Commercial Themes

These themes cost money but often come with more theme options and templates. Just remember there are great free themes that are much better than the worst of the paid themes.

  • Many themes that are available on* (meaning they’ve been highly vetted) are also available for purchase for use on self-hosted WordPress. Fortune* and Corporate are all themes that fit this bill and might be worth considering.
  • Mentioned above for their free themes, Automattic’s paid themes have the same code and design quality. Their theme Forefront would work great for many a nonprofit.
  • Themes from Array Themes are slick and tend to have just enough level of customization. Start by looking at Atomic or Ampersand. Their support tends to be excellent.
  • The Genesis Theme Framework and associated themes are quite popular and they’re well-coded from my experience with them. However, because they use an additional “framework” on top of WordPress, many developers (me included) won’t be as familiar with customizing them.
  • Themes from Foxland and Theme Hybrid both have reputations for high quality.

Page Builder Themes

  • The Theme Foundry’s WordPress themes are some of the few I trust. Their theme Make* is also the only “builder” theme I recommend that gives you more control over page layouts. That said, be careful with it. A more customizable theme means a steeper learning curve and more work for you.