About This Site


My name is Mark Root-Wiley. I run MRW Web Design in Seattle, Washington where I’ve built nonprofit WordPress websites for years.

I specialize in custom-designed WordPress website development, designing and building custom themes and plugins. Not every nonprofit needs or can afford that type of site, so I’ve long wanted to help more organizations get excellent sites to support their missions.

Even in my off hours, I invest in WordPress by releasing free plugins (and one theme!) and presenting and blogging about WordPress. You can keep up with me on Twitter at @MRWweb.


A good WordPress website is easy to manage and maintain, but a bad one is time consuming and expensive to maintain. Making smart decisions when you get started with a new WordPress site is key to avoiding headaches later.

I’ve built this site in hopes that it will help small nonprofits make good decisions when they begin on a new in-house or volunteer-led WordPress site.


This site includes easy-to-apply, clearly-written instructions and resources that help nonprofits rather than get in their way.

Usage of Affiliate Links

Some links on this site are “affiliate links” which generate small referral fees whenever someone clicks one before making a purchase. Clicking these costs the visitor nothing. This is the only way Nonprofit WP generates income to cover hosting expenses and time other than donations. Think of it as a small “thank you” for all the free, in-depth content.

I primarily recommend tools and resources that I have personally used, and these are denoted on the Recommended Plugins and Recommended Themes pages. In cases where I haven’t used a tool, I have researched its use and received recommendations from other trusted sources. I do not accept unreviewed submissions for the site’s recommendation pages, free or paid. Recommendations on this site are determined before and independently of whether an affiliate link program exists or rates of competing services or software.

If you wish to avoid clicking these links, simply do a search for the name of the host, plugin, theme, etc. All affiliate links begin with “https://nonprofitwp.org/get/“. You can preview a link address by hovering your cursor over it (look in the lower-left corner of your browser) or long-pressing it on touch devices.

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