#SaveDotOrg Wins! Sale of .org registry rejected

We did it! You may remember that the .org registry was at threat of being sold, and future .org rates and policies were at risk of changing at the whim of a private company. Late last week, the sale of the .org domain registry to a private capital firm was rejected by ICANN. This is … Continue reading #SaveDotOrg Wins! Sale of .org registry rejected

WordPress 5.0 and How Nonprofit WP will Help You Through the Biggest WordPress Update in Years

WordPress 5.0 brings a major update to how you write and edit information on your website. Learn what the changes are broadly, how to start preparing, and what to expect from Nonprofit WP to help you through the transition.

Get the Most Out of a WordCamp for Your Nonprofit

WordCamps are one- or two-day conferences all about WordPress. They’re one of the best ways to find a WordPress consultant for your nonprofit, plus they’re super affordable and happening all over the world. Put simply, if you have a WordPress website, it’s one of the most affordable and impactful technology professional development opportunities you’ll find. … Continue reading Get the Most Out of a WordCamp for Your Nonprofit