Domain & Hosting

If you’re using self-hosted WordPress, you’ll need a domain and a webhost.

What They Are

A domain is like a signpost for internet browsers to your website. When someone enters your domain—like—it tells the computer how to find the website they’re looking for. Nonprofits most-often use the .org “Top Level Domain” (TLD), but you can technically use many other TLDs like .com or the new, only-for-nonprofits .ngo TLD.

Your webhost provides the server (a special type of computer) that contains the actual files—like WordPress’s files and your site’s images—and databases—where WordPress stores your content—that make up your website.

How Much Do They Cost?

You can find domains ending in .com or .org for $10-$12/year, though some very short or in-demand terms may be more expensive. The new .ngo domains are more expensive, going for $50/yr or more with some domain registrars.

Hosting varies in price much more, and, generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Entry-level “shared hosting” (where you and many people use the same server) can start at $4/mo ($48/year) but can be as high at $10/mo or $15/mo depending on the quality.

A relatively new type of “WordPress-optimized” hosting ranges in price from $7/mo to $25/mo or more.

When looking to purchase a domain or webhost, always search for a discount from the company you want to purchase from! If you’re considering one of the recommend WordPress hosts, I’m happy to send you any discounts I know of; just get in touch.