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Ask Nonprofit WP: Where can I find free “premium” plugins for nonprofits?

The reason I am writing this is to request you if you could please connect us with any site or company/organization that provides FREE premium plugins or resources for a WordPress website.

Unfortunately, I do not know of any sources of free premium plugins for nonprofits right now. Many plugin companies will offer some type of discount if you ask nicely, but most formal programs I was aware of no longer exist. šŸ˜¢

I would also just caution you to be very wary of any free plugins you find through searches like “free WordPress plugins” or “free premium WordPress plugins”. Without few exceptions, those free premium plugins have been intentionally infected with malware to hack your site.

I’m sorry I can’t offer more guidance. All I can really say is that it never hurts to ask for a discount or free license from a company after explaining what you do. Most will say no, but some may say yes! The WordPress community is generally made up of lots of really nice people who do like to give back.

Nonprofit WP keeps a list of known free and discounted software for nonprofits, including a few themes and plugins.

If you’ve had luck getting a company to donate software to your organization, share it in the comments to help your fellow nonprofits!

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