New Nonprofit WP Pages Focus on Beginners

Over the past few weeks, Nonprofit WP has gained a few brand new pages filled with more WordPressy goodness.

Images, Media, & Embed

First to launch was “Images, Media, & Embeds.” This page accompanies the “Enter Your Content” section to make sure your pages aren’t just informative but are also beautiful and engaging:

Images and video are the quickest path to a beautiful and engaging website for your constituents, and WordPress gives nonprofits amazing tools to manage media. Knowing how to use the Media Library and is key to getting the most out of your site and keeping it easy to manage.

Like many pages on this site, the goal for Images, Media, & Embeds is to help new users start using WordPress with good habits. Like so many things, the technical skill can be learned, but media in WordPress requires careful application and forward thinking to be most effective.

The third section on Embeds includes one of the very best magical awesome amazing features in WordPress. (Hint: It’s the one used to make a social timeline without a plugin!)

Two New Beginner-Focused Pages

While all of Nonprofit WP targets new-to-WordPress users and less-experienced DIYers, the next two new pages focus on beginners still figuring out exactly what WordPress is at all.

WordPress 101 for Nonprofits

First, “WordPress 101 for Nonprofitstries to answers the question asked by WP Tavern, “How Do You Educate People New to WordPress?” While the website planning phase can’t be skipped, some people will want to start with a broad technical overview of WordPress. This is that overview.

The Nonprofit WP WordPress 101 page gives visitors an high-level look at the component parts of WordPress. Since this site walks users from start-to-finish of a WordPress website project for their organization, most sections of the page correspond to other whole pages of this site with deeper information. WordPress 101 for Nonprofits is so great, it’s now the first item in the menu!

WordPress & Website Glossary

Second, the “WordPress & Website Glossary” aims to help anyone who encounters a term they may not know or fully comprehend. Other visitors may choose to scan the entire page as a way to get a different type of high-level overview than the one provided by WordPress 101. This glossary came directly by request from someone who wished there was a single page just listing common terminology that may be unfamiliar to people new to WordPress or web design.

To promote easy browsing, the Glossary is divided into three sections, “WordPress Terms,” “Web Hosting & Software”, and “Websites and Web Design.” While the WordPress-specific terms are most relevant for this site, anyone building a website will want to know most of the other words and phrases as they build out their site (especially website hosting).

Finally, the new glossary helps readers distinguish terms with different meanings when used in the context of WordPress.

Pop Quiz!

If you think this sounds boring, see if you know the answers to these three questions:

  1. Do you know the difference between a “sticky” header in website design and a “sticky” post in WordPress?
  2. What’s the difference between an “archived” website and “Archive” in WordPress?
  3. Are “header” and “heading” interchangeable?

Not so sure? Better go review your WordPress, CMS, and website lingo!

What’s Next?

There are a few other pages coming down the pipeline, but a good suggestion from a Nonprofit WP user will always take precedence. If there’s a WordPress topic or skill you wish this website covered, please make your request through the contact form!

Nonprofit WP aims to be comprehensive without becoming overwhelming. Hopefully these new pages do just that.

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