Nonprofit WordPress Micro-Consulting

I wrote Nonprofit WP with the belief that a few best practices, tips, and resources could help nonprofits get better websites that were easier to use, lasted longer, and better supported their mission.

This site can’t be comprehensive, so I want to give you a way to fill in the gaps. You might call it micro-consulting.

How it Works

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Pay $25
  3. Get an answer to your question within one business day

What You Get

I’ll send you links to documentation and how-to videos, advice on best practices, and common-sense recommendations I’ve learned from my experience. These answers save you time, money, and frustration.

Looking Forward to Helping You!

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Things to Ask

  • Theme & Plugin recommendations
  • Advice on planning websites
  • Understanding WordPress’s capabilities
  • Can I do “X” with WordPress?

Things NOT to Ask

  • Do you know about X theme/plugin not listed on this site? (There are too many for me to know!)
  • Help! SOS! My website’s broken! (see below)

Need Tech Support?

I recommend you maintain a relationship with a consultant, even if you’re trying to do most work on your own. However, if you’re struggling to find someone or need help ASAP, check out Codeable.

Codeable is one the more respected services for requesting WordPress development online—they help connect you with and facilitate the work from a good developer. Someone in their huge directory of developers can probably help if you’re in a pinch.